Girl Fight

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Women’s sports have been very, very slowly making progress. My granddaughter is ten; perhaps when she’s thirty, women’s team sports may have reached the point where they are able to draw fans and generate profit. But the going has been tough.

Men’s sports have been around for many generations, whereas woman have only been competing in true team sports for a much shorter time and have been merely an after thought in the sports world. The WNBA has grown faster than any other women’s team sport, by virtue of the fact that they have been supported and subsidized by Big Brother, the NBA.

Fans are still not putting up the bucks necessary to attract sponsors, investors, and television coverage. It’s a numbers game, it’s a business, and the bottom line is, the bottom line. But the WNBA is beginning to get the attention they’ve been wanting because of one very talented, very attractive, and articulate young player, Candace Parker.

Candace may be in her first season for the Los Angeles Sparks, but she is generating a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the league. She is exactly what the WNBA needs to bring in those ever elusive fans. This week we discovered that she can not only play and looks good, but that the girl is not afraid to mix it up!

I believe the little scuffle that broke out on Tuesday between the Sparks and the Shock will go a long way towards raising sports fans’ level of interest when they might otherwise not give a hoot about the Sparks or the Shock. Nothing says sports fun like an honest to goodness Girl Fight!

The Sparks were on their way to spanking the Shock when all hell broke lose with only five seconds left in the game. Parker was one of three players ejected, along with Detroit assistant coach Rick Mahorn, after an ugly scuffle with 4.6 seconds left in Los Angeles’ eighty-four to eighty-one victory.

Candace Parker got “into it” with Detroit’s Cheryl Ford and they had to be separated after Ford fouled Parker. Then Parker got tangled up with The Shock’s Pienette Pierson. Parker fell down and as she was getting up, Pierson intentionally ran into her! Pretty Girl Parker threw a punch at Pierson and then the Shock’s Deanna Nolan tackled her.

Then all hell broke loose. Coaches got into it, players ran out to get a shot at someone, and the WNBA got its first honest to goodness superstar Girl Fight. “To be honest, I don’t recall exactly what happened,” said Parker, who led Los Angeles with twenty-one points. “I’ll have to watch the tape.”

You and about a thousand other people I know. Is it on YouTube yet?

By Ivette Ricco

Photo courtesy of Femme Fan


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