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With nearly 47 million visitors a year, New York City is one of the hottest destinations. You may be tempted to stay close to home this summer because of the economy, but with a little pre-planning and research anyone can afford a New York City. Here is what it would cost if you followed our four-day, three-night itinerary versus what it would cost for a fun filled but less expensive trip.

Trip Itinerary:

Hotel: W Hotel Times Square = $299 a night ($897 divided by 4) = $224.25 pp

Food:  Breakfast at the Hotel, Norma’s and Bagelfellers = $65 pp
Lunch at the Soupman and Onboard Tours = $40 pp
Dinner at Tony’s DiNapoli, Sardi’s and Big Wong King = $85 pp
Ice Cream and Chocolates at MarieBelle = $30 pp

Activities: Metropolitan Museum of Art = $20 pp
Onboard bus tours = $60 pp
Broadway Show = $164.50 pp
Bliss Spa = $150 pp

Grand Total = $838.75 per person

Okay, not too bad but with the economy hurting and wallets near empty. Here are some great ideas to trim up the budget for your next trip.

New York City on a Budget: (4 Days 3 Nights)

Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton Chelsea = $148 a night ($444 divided by 4) = $111 pp. Staying at a hotel that is not centrally located can save you a lot of money. You can always hop on the subway and be in the heart of the city in minutes. Using the subway is a cheap affordable way to help you save on a big money item like hotel rooms. The further from the city center you go the more money you can save. Check travel sites like Travelocity for fabulous deals too. You will be surprised at how much hotel prices have come down.

Food: You may think of New York City as having some of the most expensive restaurants in the world and it does. But there are many affordable ways to dine in the Big Apple. Try some local street carts and ethnic restaurants. Not only will you find some incredible food, but some of the best deals around! Drinks can be very expensive in New York so do yourself a favor and try to stick with water. Most hotel rooms have in room coffee so grab a cup before you head to breakfast.

Breakfast: A bagel at Absolute Bagel ($2), EJs Deli, 2 eggs any style with home fries, bread and preserves ($5.50), Floridita – Sweet Plantain Omelette ($5) = $12.50 pp

Lunch: You can find one of the best burgers at Le Parker Meridien ($9 includes a soda) and a hot dog and drink ($3.50) at Gray’s Papaya = $12.50 pp

Dinner: Hit Chinatown for a cheap and delicious meal ($6), grab a sandwich at a local New York deli like Carnegie Deli, they are so big you can split one and save some money ($10), and at Hummus Place a cup of soup, stuffed grape leaves, hummus and pita will only set you back ($10). = $26 pp

Activities: Check the internet before you leave. Many museums offer “pay what you can” on certain days and MoMA offers free admission during target free Fridays from 4–8pm. = Free

Instead of paying $60 for the Onboard bus tour plan your own itinerary. You can walk or take the subway between sites. The Internet has many sites dedicated to tourist sites in New York and you can find maps that will help you get around. = Free

For huge discounts on Broadway shows hit the TKTS booth in Times Square. They only offer tickets for shows that are showing that night but you can get fabulous tickets up to 50 percent off if you are willing to be flexible with your show choices. = $80 pp

Bliss Spa is fabulous but not essential. = $0 pp

For a fun and free afternoon head up to Central Park and take a stroll. During the summer there are numerous free events in the park like summerstage, opera, music and more  … just google free events central park and see what pops up.

Grand Total = $242.00 per person


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