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Give Mom a Time-Out: Celebrating Your Queen Mom

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Mom. The woman who carried you, kicking and somersaulting, in her womb for nine months. The woman who endured hours of labor to bring you into this world only to live through years of awkward adolescence, the tortured teenage years, college tuition, first dates, and endless drama.

She wiped your nose when you were sick. She suffered numerous sacrifices to buy you that first pair of designer jeans you just had to have. She has lost hundreds of hours of sleep while you were making out well after curfew (with some guy you’ve long forgotten), later letting you sob and snot into her favorite silk blouse when that guy broke your heart.

She’s not just a human. She’s an institution. For everything she’s done, and is— doesn’t she deserve more than a card this Mother’s Day? Yes, you could take her to brunch, but then you’ll have to wait with the 6.5 million other people taking their moms to brunch. Doesn’t sound too personal, does it? This is Mom we’re talking about. How about a little extra effort and originality for the woman who gave you a name and raised you?

Mom always had original ways to make you feel special, whether it was a note in your lunchbox, an after-school snack, or concealing your hiding spot from your brothers and sisters so you could have a reprieve from their constant teasing and torture. Here are some original ideas to make Mom (half the reason you exist on this Earth) feel recognized, thanked, and loved this Mother’s Day.

If you live near your mom, think about these options:       


  • Make her brunch.

Plan ahead of time, show up at her house, and make her favorites for breakfast or brunch. She did this for you many times. Remember how she made you pancakes in whatever shape you requested on your birthday? I’ll bet you can concoct a meal just as sentimental.


  • See an inspirational speaker or a concert.

Even though you and your mom probably don’t share the same interest in music or public speakers, she’d love for you to set aside your hobbies and take time for hers. Is Barnes & Noble having any guest authors on Mother’s Day? What about a local college or university? It may be a classic flute concert or the story of woman who walked across America, but your Mom will love that you are both sharing the experience.


  • Take a hike or a long walk.

This costs no money, but is priceless to your mom. Spending time away from phones, televisions, and everyday distractions and in conversation together is an activity that will stay with your mom until next Mother’s Day.


  • Spa/manicure/pedicure.

Nothing says “ultimate pampering” more than having someone else relax your muscles or clean up your fingers and toes. And since Mother’s Day is all about making your mom feel special, this is a perfect activity.


  • Give her the day off.

Do her laundry. Clean her kitchen. Dust her house. Do her dishes. Show up at your mom’s house ready to help. Maybe it’s some gardening she needs to get done. Or maybe it’s cleaning out the garage. Whatever the case may be, you’re spending time with her and your actions tell her you know how much she’s done for you. My god, she cleaned under your bed, for crying out loud!


  • Have story time.

Have a picnic in a park and ask her to tell you stories about growing up, her favorite vacations, what she is doing these days. Chances are, you’ve probably spent the last twenty plus years talking to your mom about you, and not her. What a change for a day!


If distance separates you and Mommy Dearest, these are great ideas:


  • Celebrate her all year.

Mark one day each month in your calendar or day planner, and send her a card or call her on that day. She’ll know you’re always thinking of her all the time, not just on one particular day.


  • Make her a card.

Remember when you were in kindergarten and spent weeks during arts-and-crafts time constructing the best Mother’s Day card in three states? Use that same devotion and creativity to make her a card as an adult. Imagine how much more glitter you can buy with an actual salary.


  • Create “Mom” time.

Send her a book, some packets of tea, and a candle. Include instructions in your personalized gift box that you’ve compiled all the ingredients necessary for her to have a relaxing afternoon all to herself.


  • Plant a memory.

Almost every mother loves to garden. Instead of sending your mom flowers on Mother’s Day, send her a plant or flower seeds. This is a constant reminder of you and how you made her feel special on her national holiday.


  • An Ode to Mom.

Write her a poem. I’ll bet this is something you’ve done before, circa eight years old. This time you’ll probably come up with something better than roses are red, violets are blue, my mom is special because she makes good food. (I’m sure she loved that, though.) Take it a step further and frame it for her. Call her on Mother’s Day and recite it.


What means the most to mothers are their children—so connecting with your mom on her day, however you do it—is what’s most important. I’ll bet if you asked what she’d like for her special day, your loving mother would say “Oh don’t you worry about me, dear. I don’t need any special treatment.” That’s because she’s programmed to be selfless. This is all the more reason to treat her like royalty on this, her celebratory day—created by ancient Greeks and currently sponsored by Hallmark. She’s made every day of your life possible. It’s time to thank her.

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