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Good Celebrity, Bad Celebrity: Word on the Web

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One week we worship this actor, the next week we despise that actress—it’s all a part of the celebrity bashing fun! From ugly celebrity indecency and gaffes to good celebrity humanitarianism and civility, our partner sources provide all kinds of intriguing celebrity scoop. 

Rachel Zoe is coping with the recession by wearing clothes more than once. Yes, you read that right—and yes, we feel nauseous, too. ( 

“Yes she can!” 59 percent of HuffPost readers say Michelle Obama absolutely has the right to wear shorts. ( 

This week we remember Coco Chanel who was born on August 19, 1883, and lived to be one of the most famous and influential fashion designers in the world. ( 

Angelina Jolie, who has contributed nearly 4 million dollars to Namibian schools, has recently been dubbed a saint. With the amount of money celebs pull in, this is a refreshing read. ( 

Talentless? Willing to sell your soul for fame? The Fug Girls reveal how to get famous for nothing. It worked for Heidi and Spencer. ( 

There is something about a man playing with his kids—especially when that man is Hugh Jackman. These hot celeb daddies are igniting our maternal instincts. ( 

Speaking of babies, a health organization is criticizing new mama celebrities for setting a bad post-baby body example. Stop the comparing! ( 

What do Kendra, Reese, and Mel B. all have in common? They won’t do nude! Shocking isn’t it? ( 

“Demi Moore was on General Hospital? Meg Ryan on As the World Turns?” Check out these and other celebrities who started out on daytime dramas. ( 

They are beautiful, rich, famous, and now green! Check out these do-gooders using their fame for some eco-friendly good. ( 

After reading some of these stories, you are probably wondering why anyone would want to be famous. Our own Allison Ford explores this topic in Desperately Seeking Celebrity: Why Some Crave Fame. (


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