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A Great Old Ship Was She

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One hundred ports the ship had passed

            sailing the clear blue waters

One hundred times the sail been cast

            Hoisted by sons and daughters


Twas now time for the ship to rest

            creaking and leaking begun

But sailor wanted one last zest

            Drinking and stinking of rum


So out they went, sailor and boat

            For one last go at the sea

And the bow did crack one high note

            as the man shouted with glee


But Neptune’s arms, solid and strong

            Threw them topsy-turvy

The man, though drunk, tried to hold on

            Stance increasingly swervy


The boat, though old, knew how to end

            This fateful trip to water

No longer would she try and defend

            The man who once had bought her


Her hull she split, a sweet divide

            And in came the foamy sea

Down her caverns, so deep and wide

            The sailor will forever be




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