A Gun in Hand with Plenty of Time

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I look around slowly
With a gun in my hand
Trying to find a better reason to die
Than you

Pictures around me
Simi-circle form
Tears on my face
That I can tase
As memories of you
Dance in my head
Back and fourth you go
Up and down
Just dancing around
Memories of you
With my head above clouds

The gun is loaded 
And I don’t think twice
As I tighten my grip on the trigger 
I close my eyes

Your voice sounds so sweet
As you threaten me
Yelling at me to put the gun away
But my hand does not stray
And neither does my mind 
I’ve got plenty of time

And time does pass slow
Very slow
As if your gentle finger is holding back the clock
But I know better 
I know your not really there
But tell my eyes that
As I look into your stare

A wonderess look
That stare of yours 
It’s like looking into the ocean blue
With specks of golden-brown fish held within their bowl
They swim around me 
Capturing me and taking me down into the deep, dark, depths of your soul
If I only had my fishing pole

The strike of the clock awakens me 
And you fade away
The gun
Now heavy in my hand sends chills through my veins 
The pictures on the ground
Blurred and spotted from my tears 
Lie there
Watching me
Waiting for my next move
I pick them up
One by one and put them in their box

Then physically and emotionally 
I walk away 
To live to see you yet another day


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