Halloween Tours from Around the World

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New Orleans Ghost and Spirits Walking Tour
New Orleans has been referred to as “The most haunted city in America.” After this tour, we’ll let you be the judge! With its colorful history and unique traditions, it is no wonder so many New Orleans homes and taverns have been investigated by paranormal investigators. You’ll visit several haunted sites and hear about the stories featured on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel.

When it rains in the French Quarter, the locals swear a beautiful voice floats out of the mist. After you hear the story of Pere’ Dagobert vs. “Bloody” O’Reilly and the “singing rain,” you might hear it, too.

Will you see any of the ghosts that inhabit the famous Bourbon Orleans Hotel—formerly a theater, ballroom, orphanage, and convent? The staff and guests report regular sightings of uninvited guests! There’s no guarantee you will see a ghost, but you’ll see where you’re most likely to meet one! Bring your camera. You never know who will want to pose for a picture!

Jack the Ripper’s Sinister London Walking Tour
The year is 1888. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has just published his first Sherlock Holmes story, a street in South London is the first to get electric lighting … In Whitechapel, East London, five women are brutally murdered by the world’s first recognized serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

Join a walking tour of London as you tread the footsteps of the infamous Jack the Ripper down the dark, narrow, gas-lit alleyways immortalized in such films as From Hell. You will follow the case of the unsolved Whitechapel murders that would lead Scotland Yard to Queen Victoria herself.

Led by one of the renowned London Blue Badge Guides, you will visit four murder sights. Your “Ripperologist” will run through some of the suspects who sparked a Victorian Whodunit that’ll leave you as gripped as its victims.

You will then enjoy a traditional fish and chip supper in one of London’s most historic pubs. The supper is optional and not included in the tour price. If you do decide to partake in this wonderful English tradition, the fish and chips supper is approximately GBP7.00 to GBP10.00 and payable locally.

Salem: the Witch City
Discover the history of the Salem Witch Trials! Travel north from Boston to historic Marblehead, the birthplace of the American Navy. Visit Abbott Hall to see Archibald M. Willard’s famous painting, “The Spirit of 76.”

In Salem, step back to 1692 and visit the Salem Witch Museum (admission not included). Learn about the history of witchcraft as well as some of the reasons why the witch trials occurred. Travel down Derby Street past Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Custom House and the House of the Seven Gables. Time is allowed to stop at Pickering Wharf for Lunch and exploring. Whether it is witches or authors, museums, or shopping, you will find it in Salem.

Nashville’s Original Ghost Walking Tour
Learn about the historical, haunted heritage of Music City from professional storytellers and tour guides during this comfortably paced ninety-minute walking tour.

Your lantern-bearing guide will lead you through the dark mysteries and supernatural experiences of some of Nashville’s most recognizable landmarks such as Ryman Auditorium, Tennessee State Capitol, and Printer’s Alley.

  • Who is buried in the walls of Tennessee’s State Capital?
  • What is the Curse of The Grand Ole Opry?
  • What makes the bells ring in the middle of the night at St. Mary’s?
  • Who was murdered in Printer’s Alley?

Discover the answers to these questions and more on this ninety-minute walking tour.

Murder and Mystery Walking Tour of Edinburgh
Take a look at Edinburgh’s dark side, including tales of witchcraft, plague, and torture on this Murder and Mystery Walking Tour of Edinburgh. Visit the scenes of many horrific tortures, murders, and supernatural happenings as you walk along eerie alleyways and creepy courtyards of the Old Town. Your ghostly guide will blend history with humor and facts with fables, while “jumper-ooters” provide guaranteed ghastly appearances.

Visit the scenes of many horrific tortures, murders, and supernatural happenings on this award winning tour of historic Old Town of Edinburgh. Your guide, under the cloak of darkness, is famous Edinburgh character Adam Lyal (deceased), highwayman, who was executed in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket on 27th of March, 1811.

Mr Lyal leads you through the haunted alleyways and dark courtyards of Old Town Edinburgh telling tales of executions and torture, ghosts and witchcraft, and the notorious 19th century trade of body snatching. Although the subject matter is dark, Mr Lyal’s approach is fairly light-hearted. With a ghost as your guide, there will no doubt be a few strange incidents on route.

Beware! This walking tour takes place in the cobbled streets of Edinburgh in all seasons. In the interests of safety please dress appropriately and wear sensible shoes. You come on this tour at your own risk and it is not for the faint hearted.

Ghost, Mysteries, and Legends Tour of Fort Lauderdale
Take a lantern-led, evening Ghost Tour along the banks of the New River with Fort Lauderdale’s most popular walking tour. Discover the hauntings, mystery, and history of Fort Lauderdale’s dark past with Fort Lauderdale’s Original Cape and Lantern Ghost Tour.

  • Who’s the bride in the Haunted Hotel? What heart-crushing disappointment brought her there?
  • Which Riverside restaurant has a haunted dining room?
  • What sorrow brought the ghosts of Indian children to the New River?
  • Has the Ghost of one of Fort Lauderdale’s early important citizens risen from his watery grave?

From the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle to Indian Massacres and Spirits Trapped in Time, discover it all on the Fort Lauderdale Ghost, Mysteries, and Legends Tour along the Historic and Haunted Las Olas River Walk.

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