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In the Heart

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Hello from God’s country … Tennessee, US of A, that is, where we are busy tucking in while old man winter is nipping and zinging! Yes, I know. But, being Southern, I am so proud to share my beautiful heritage and wonderful blessings as often as I can; giving God the glory, you see?

December blew in growling this year; spitting and kicking. Our first snow debuted and the temps … well, let us just say Fall was a second summer despite constant rain, then tucked tail and disappeared in the shadows of twinkling stars the other evening. It was the night we were blessed to count several shooting stars under the light of a full moon and just before that heavy cold mist snuck in. Just as the coyotes let loose of their version of an orchestrated fanfare and our friendly possum and raccoon appeared at the same moment; eyeing each other to wonder who’d get to the scraps first!

We are already battling frigid cold and this is the beginning of Winter; we are hunkering down for the worst. Because it is natural for country folk. Thoughts of the fruits of the harvest canned or placed in the freezer from summer’s toil and shortly after August’s humidity simmered down the firewood neatly stacked in the shed are savored as we take second inventory on winterizing and immediately tackle each issue with zeal. The first winterizing chores were few, since we tend to hang on to every second of decent weather given us; continuing to leave screened windows and doors accessible at any given moment. How nice it will be to sit around the fireplace or potbelly stove not worrying about much.

We seem to always discuss the weather when we meet, so it is custom in these parts to be armed with conversation containing our plans for the next season. In this case, we are already mentally planning our gardens while we continue farm chores as the icy wind whips us into shivering, rushing individuals with home and hearth hungerings shoving our dreams aside for a time.

It is there, amidst the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the quiet … I allow Him guidance of pen and paper. Sometimes He shows you who I am: puppies, family, emotions…. Sometimes He reveals the world from my eyes; pain, suffering, romance….  But at all times, He is there amongst the words and between the lines. I hope you enjoy the following heartspun poetry as much as I have had watching it unravel.

Home Is Love
If you choose it to be, home is love … a lifetime of memories to seed
To little children watching, listening, learning how
yesterday’s babies, today’s quizzers, and tomorrow’s leaders; take heed
Cherish them all, nurturing by God’s plan without hesitation, now.
Memories of love in the home sweeten like wine with time
Events made of pain, mean words wound to under tow
The first will more apt build men and women of God
The latter, more often … suffering hearts in a sinking ship in row.
by Gina Ann Day ©1974
Poets retain copyright to their work; obtain a poet’s permission before using a poem in any form.

One Giant Step
This special lifetime moment wraps you in many an emotion.
You absorb the power, soak in the ambience, stand back and bask
As you observe your class mates, enjoy their roaring commotion
Tossing, retrieving their hats, their goals; a thrilling task
What took you from child’s play, through adolescence, on to an adult gate
Has come full circle after much wonder, worry, fun, and work.
There were so many times you had too much on your plate
But, this graduation feeling….knowing where you’ve been, ‘s quite a perk.
Dear God, this blessing I feel, please keep it fresh, alive, and well
In our future journey, the many paths we share along life’s way
So when children look up to me, and I hear a new bell
They might link mortal education and your holy wisdom that day.
Help me to share love, patience, and courage to endlessly reach
To trust in the Lord; soar on the wings of eagles on high
Obey you; finding life’s answers to effectively preach, work, or teach
Filled with love and joy, heaven bound; one giant step beyond the sky.
Gina Day ©2007.

April’s Rainbows
Before the lightning laced thunderstorms cease
Put everything on hold; inhale the fresh breezes
Life is refreshed; you are once again given a new lease
Don’t even bother to remember winter’s hard freezes.
Darkness is parting, sunshine’s trickling and ‘bout to burst
Hints of color fast revealing a soft and luminous shape
You know in your heart its whipping is almost over; the worst
Thunder, lightening, funnel clouds; o’er the land it did drape.
Smile; memories of miracles and blessings wipe your weary face
Colors so beautiful; shimmering, traveling from ground on into heaven above
Pulling tight your warm wrap of rag tag yarn, seed pearls, and old lace
Thank God for rainbows, yes, April storms….and the promise from His love.
©2007 Rainbows, by Gina Day

June’s Dance
Peeking from under the big back porch, crickets are strummin’.
Toads are all croaking and splashin’ in the spring nearby; tenor, down to bass.
Family’s all wound up on that ol’ porch; everbody clappin’, singin’, an’ hummin’.
Old Blue’s eyeing supper table through the window; howlin’ right along and beggin’ the mass.
Mrs. Owl and younguns’ dancing in their lofty roost; flappin’ an’ a hootin’
I swan! A silly show-off, a stinky loud pharf, somebody’s pootn’
But, by dingy, the humor doesn’t hinder our joy; Pa’s the lead, tappn’ and fiddlin’
Ma, jar in hand, chase kids catchin’ lightnin’ bugs; oblivious….dancin’ and a middlin’.
Stars up above, clouds their pillows and heaven their bed; bright moon beamin’ to see
Such a lively orchestra, such a loving sight, peace and harmony to admire.
There is no better place in the world tonight, than to be
Right here watching a June’s dance, until all’s in bed to retire.
Gina Day ©1970


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