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Heating Up the World with My Left Arm

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I’m a Superheroine.

You probably are too. You just haven’t realized it yet. If we combine our powers, we can start a Superhero Meet-Up Group and take over Twitter—then the world. Or we can help a few people. Endless possibilities.

You may wonder what extraordinary ability I embody.

I heat up the world with my left arm.

My left arm is significantly warmer than my right arm.* Sometimes, when I panic on a first date, I share this information too soon. Second dates are tough to come by.

There are people in this world that are cold. And if I can spread my left arm’s heat to chilled citizens, then I must. It is a formal calling—just like Wonder Woman.

I have a personal vendetta against frigid people that lack personalities and/or a soul. Night and day (mostly day), I fight the spread of these icy attitudes. One touch of my arm—that’s it. It’s simple.

What’s your Superhero ability? You have one. If not, make one. Develop it, then spread it. Share your super powers and story with me and I’ll post. Pictures are helpful; however, I understand that some Superheroes must be disguised.

*My left arm has extra arteries that heat it up like a Bunsen burner. Sexy.


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