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Our loved ones are waiting for us. They never forget us, just as we never forget them.

We can always tune into their world, which is our world as well.

The thought of death is very scary.

However we shouldn’t think of death in that way. God is going to be with us every minute of the way.

On our last breath, our body gives up but our spirit and soul struggle to come out into a new world.

During this struggle, the scariest thing will be change and wondering where we are going.

We are going home with God, so we can stop fighting and let that last breath go as we move onward.

 It’s not as painful as you might think.

The transition into the spiritual world is a big step.

It is a birth into a new world in a spiritual sense.

No more physical pain or worry or attachments.

Like a shooting star, a new energy is formed. We all will be one, but still independent of each other.

Our spirit will be very much alive. Work does not stop but we will be working for God and with the angels.

We will be helping people by reaching out to our loved ones and guiding them like our loved ones do for us today.

What age will our loved ones be? The one, which is most comfortable for them.

The one age where they felt in their best health.

Will we recognize our loved ones?

Of course, if they were still alive today wouldn’t you recognize them?

Even though they will be in their soul form, while we are in their presence, they will take the form of what we recognize.

How will I adjust to this new world? Just like anything else.

It will take time, but we will be okay. It will not be stressful, but overwhelmingly joyful is the best way to describe it.

Will we come back to earth? Yes, but as a spirit. Not as a ghost. A ghost is a spirit that is lost.
We will be uplifted to the light. We will be able to travel without time or restrictions.

We could be in many places at once, or one place. It will be up to us.

We will feel peaceful and filled with the highest tranquility.

Our emotions won’t be draining or dragging us down.

We will not have to worry about food or water or survival. Our life will still be our own.

We will be an extended hand of God our Almighty Father in heaven and earth.

This is an sample of a part in my book entitled We’re So Loved by Angelic Psychic Medium Spasoff


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