Heidi Klum Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Spinning around a stripper pole?! Getting tatted up?! Puffing on a cigarette?! Heidi, who are you?

Heidi Klum sheds her Victoria's-Secret-Angel-meets-business-woman persona for Hunger magazine in ridiculously auto-tuned performance of "Turn Up the Night." Even her intimate videos with former husband Seal seem like something you'd watch at Sunday school compared to the guitar-grinding and suggestive un-Heidi-like lyrics. Somehow I just can't imagine the Project Runway queen saying things like "I'm begging on my knees." But there you have it!

Cue discussion of what this means for Heidi post-divorce. Is she "getting her groove back"? (I mean, did she ever lose it?) Is she spiraling out of control in the wake of her split from Seal? Is she forging yet another lucrative career as the most famous stripper ever? Or maybe just maybe she wanted to act like a rock star for a minute? Discuss.


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