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Help Wanted: A Friend With Benefits

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I need a friend with benefits. Let me clarify: A friend with technical benefits. Those other benefits that immediately came to mind would be all well and good, but I’m aiming for a friend who can assist me where I am not able to help myself— if you get my drift. So, instead of a booty call, I would rather opt for a reboot call from a capable pal who can help me download apps, upgrade my PC, figure out my new laptop, edit videos, and finally get the GPS system working in my car.

Technology is intertwined in virtually every aspect of our lives so there is no ignoring it. However, I’m simply not a tech person which obviously makes life a bit of a challenge.

Just when I had Facebook and Twitter pretty much mastered, I get an invite for Google Plus and an email with a link to my Klout score. At a recent seminar, I learned about new software that will allow me to pimp my FB page with fancy visuals, plugins and oh so much more. One of the seminar leaders said every blogger must have a strong Tumblr presence and that we should all absolutely be creating, editing, and publishing our own videos—so vlogging and tumbling are now at the top of my list.

With my luck, another “new Twitter” update is probably right around the corner. That would surely put me over the top.


I’m also seriously backlogged on learning my tech gadgets. For instance, I have a sweet little Canon digital camera, but I really only know how to point and shoot— and most recently zoom. Previously, my zoom method was to step in while simultaneously leaning forward and extending my arms out in front of me as far as I could reach. The move is part ballet, yoga and Tai Chi. If I knew how to work my Flip— the cutest little discontinued video cam in the world— I would have my daughter take a video of me doing the Canon Zoom Step as I’ve become fond of calling it.

So, I’m thinking of posting an ad on Craig’s List, because I need that friend with benefits— and soon. I’m open to ideas about how best to word the ad and which category to choose. Send me your ideas post haste.


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