Here's a Penis Big Enough to Sit on

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Well it’s Monday morning and I seem to still be trying to get my oars in sync. This past week was stressful and it’s taking awhile to get back to normal—my normal anyway; whatever that is.

But in the meantime I thought I’d share a couple of things and a "aha" moment I had yesterday.

1. Sunday morning, while watching a nature show, I realized that octopus look strikingly similar to a giant scrotum.

If the scrotum had eyes and eight arms that is.

I sure hope I never see one like that in the wild because I know it’d scare the beejeezus outta me. However, I think it could make for an interesting combo horror/porno movie.

I can already envision the poster for the movie—“The Attack of the Giant Scrotum!”

It would show throngs of people screaming and running for their lives to get away from it, like in the old Godzilla movies or when I go to the nude beach.

Am I wrong?

Anyway, did everyone else already see the similarities?

Or was I the last person to come to this realization?

2. Are some college courses becoming just too easy?

I’ll freely admit that at one time during my college experience I did attempt to make Spades playing my major.

And according to Doug he racked up enough hours deflowering sweet young ladies in college to get a double major in Human Sexuality/physiology. (It was the late 60′s, the era of free love.)

Unfortunately for us though neither Spades 101 or Deflowering Southern Virgins for Yankee Guys were in the course catalog when we were there.


Occidental College is trying to openly embrace human sexuality these days by offering a class all about the phallus AKA penis.


Here’s an excerpt from the syllabus:

Topics include the signification of the phallus, the relation of the phallus to masculinity, femininity, genital organs and the fetish, the whiteness of the phallus, and the lesbian phallus.

The whiteness of the phallus?


Does this mean that all peens of other ethnicities are omitted from class discussion as if they did not exist?

Seems to me that could be a tad awkward.

Anyway, while looking for more information about said course I came across a photo of a student waiting to talk to the professor who teaches that class.

But for now let’s get off the giant penis…

According to this same article there’s even a class where you do nothing but play Scrabble and Boggle.


I kick butt in Boggle and do pretty well in Scrabble too.

Perhaps I should go back to school. If I can find enough classes like that I could get my PhD.

Then you could call me Dr. Bodacious.

3. And finally an item that made me turn my head like the RCA dog and say WTF?

I’ve heard of silicone injections before but never tallow injections.

Am I the only one confused about what she did?


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