Heroes Come in Small Packages

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So it’s finally official … my mom is competing in the 2009 water ski nationals.  All 5’4", 100 pounds of her and two days shy of her sixtieth birthday. Her national rankings have her placed mid-way in the pack but even in her age division she is some five to ten years older. I have to say I have never been more excited or proud of her than at this moment.

She is the runt of the family … but only in size. I swear she could hold her own against most of the men in the family in any strength or endurance test you could put them through. And the average size of the men in the family is around 6’4", 230 pounds.

My parents and I all grew up water skiing … my parents on the Ohio river and me on Rough River Lake. It’s a passion and a way of life that stays with you forever. It’s why I drive over three hours ever weekend from Memorial Day through October to spend time with my parents and lake friends, spend countless hours talking strategy, will try anything at least one, come home exhausted and beat up Sunday nights and live to tell about all the fun Monday mornings at work. And why my parents went from tent camping with a waverunner as a “boat,” to a house trailer and runabout boat and finally to a cabin on the lake with a Malibu ski boat.

Sadly I will be at work and miss my mom’s great adventure but I will be checking up on the results hourly or more and cheering her on from my cube … wishfully hoping that the week I turn sixty my children will be doing the same for me!


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