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Hey Girl, Know Your Ryan Gosling Memes

  • Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?

    We can’t quite understand why this blog has blown up in popularity. The most charmingly handsome man paired next to look-alike images of cute, cuddly puppies? What’s the big deal? Okay, who are we kidding, it’s Ryan Gosling and puppies. Is that even fair? Choosing between the two is a decision nobody should ever have to make.

    _Photo source: Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy?

  • Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling

    Hey girl, if you read this paragraph, I’ll make you breakfast in bed. Not really, but that’s the type of phrase you’ll see upon visiting this comical blog. The basic concept behind the mega-viral meme is that you and Ryan Gosling are an item and he absolutely adores you . . . and he starts every sentence with “Hey Girl.” Who doesn’t love endearing nicknames with your new beau?! The images have become so immensely popular that Ryan agreed to read a few of the phrases out loud on MTV. He seemed to get the biggest kick out of, “Hey Girl, I’m sorry my shirt fell off.” What a coincidence, that’s our favorite too, Ryan!

    _Photo source: Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling

  • Feminist Ryan Gosling

    We’ve always suspected that Ryan is a feminist, well-versed in gender theory and sexual politics, but now there is proof—sort of. Fuck Yeah! Feminist Ryan Gosling is a Tumblr blog that takes the genius of the “Hey Girl” captions and meshes them with academic references to feminist theories. Even if you don’t talk about bell hooks and Virginia Woolf on a regular basis, you’ll still find the captions hilarious—Ryan’s ever-so-dreamy, come-hither facial expressions don’t hurt either.

    _Photo source: Feminist Ryan Gosling

  • Typographer Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling, the meme that keeps on giving, is able to make any topic interesting—including typography. The newest addition to the Ryan Gosling meme family, Typographer Ryan Gosling, takes all those gorgeous snapshots of Ryan and matches them with jokes about MLA format and glyph pallets. Those with a soft spot for writing, people who have seen Helvetica, or just anyone with a sense of humor, will enjoy these postcards.

    _Photo source: Typographer Ryan Gosling

  • Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats

    This surreal and rather bizarre blog stemmed from an interview on Conan where Ryan Gosling discussed his love/hate relationship with Disneyland. Ryan explained his belief that Disneyland has been breeding an army of Commando cats that live in barracks on the outskirts of the park and ascend onto the grounds at night to kill all the mice. Ryan said he loves Disney because “they are so weird and think of everything,” but also hates it because the whole empire is centered on a mouse. And so the idea for Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats was born. Trust us, the blog is weird, but then again, so is Ryan’s belief in a secret army of killer cats. It’s okay, we still love you, Ryan.

    _Photo source: Ryan Gosling Disneyland Cats


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