Hi Daddy

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last night i saw you again
as i was cooking in the kitchen
i heard your steps …

i looked up to see you walking
you stopped to look around
you smiled that smile i love so well
it was so nice to see you again

i looked down for a moment
when i looked again
to check on you
you were gone

it was a memory—a ghost
i know this but
daddy you were here

maybe you know
how much i miss you
so you come to see me
when you see my need

i don’t mean to disturb you
hopefully with the passing of time
i won’t see you as often

but daddy i miss you so
you have been my rock for so long
life has been difficult for me

lately instead of tears
i find myself smiling
whenever i remember you
in fact—laughing

as time passes
you may not visit me as much
that happens i know

hey … i finally remembered
your birthday right!
figures i’d get it right now!

just know that in my heart
i am still daddy’s girl
… i will always need you


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