His Name Was Bong

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I could name all of the guys in my past
How happy, how bad and sad the memories we had
I knew some of them were married and happy now.
Some are still a good friend.
And few had gone my memory to end.

But there is one I couldn’t put my finger on
There is one who never leaves my thoughts
A guy that gives a big impact on me.
And I think his name was Bong

There were a chance of meeting,
long holiday back,
Broad shoulders and a dark black eyes,
He was a childhood friend I could say
I let his smile just sweep me away
And in my heart I knew it was wrong,
I have no courage to resist when
I was trapped by his spell.

When I left that separate world
I was confused and feel numb
Looking back the days we’ve shared
My heart and my mind was craving for someone
And I think his name was Bong

Now each day is one day that’s left in my life
I wouldn’t know about love, I’m still single but loves to sing lullabies
I lay all alone and cries myself to sleep
’cause I let a man kills my hopes and dreams.

My friends are telling me I've got to move on
There are still a good man awaits for me
But at the end of the day
all I could say is I think his name was Bong.


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