A Holiday in Goa

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I have been thinking for a very long time to pen down something and then I decided to write about my trip to Goa. Thanks to my best friend, we both are the impulsive types. she had informed me via email that she’ll be reaching Goa and i was upset as she was not going to come to Pune to visit me. I call her b’ful eyes. 

On Thursday, April 7th, she calls and we casually start talking, and then suddenly she starts telling me, that I’ll have to come to Goa to visit her with mom and dad. Well, I remember very well in our college days how both of us had decided to pack our bags and leave for Goa and finally the plan was put off by both our parents. But this time even our parents had kind of agreed. The change—we were just teenagers then and now adults, though both of us can really get crazy even now. 

so, finally decided to go to Goa, and informed at work, that I would be away at weekend. Tried to get train and air tickets but they were either not available or extremely costly. Finally got the bus tickets and the trip to Goa started at 10 pm on April 9th. The entire journey I didn’t sleep. After a very long time saw the first rays of the sun, when we entered Goa, for the first time in my life saw fishermen throwing the nets in the pond just like I used to see in the movies, it appeared so peaceful far away from the busy life. it felt like heaven. for the first time in so many years I felt I should have a house over here in Goa. The roads small and clean and covered with coconut trees, jackfruits, and so many other trees. Finally, the bus arrived at Anjuna and we got down. Somehow, from the very first moment we entered Goa, I fell in love with it. 

My best friend(K) and her husband(I) came to pick us up. We were going to her dad’s place. When we arrived at her home, saw uncle watering the plants. he used to always say on the phone he loves gardening and this was one of the reasons he didn’t want to come back to Pune. And her house is really beautiful. Anjuna is a tourist area. I suddenly see a bike parked outside her house; it was the same bike on which we used to go for rides after college. I told her to take me for a ride and there was my mother telling to at least wash my face and then go. But me being me didn’t wanna let that moment slip by and we both immediately got on that bike and went for a ride, i really enjoyed it, almost after nine years. 

People have made restaurants inside their homes and during the day you can hardly see a soul but the moment the sun sets the bungalows appear so colorful with music playing everywhere. uncle was plucking cashews from the tree, he gave us to eat the cashew seeds which somehow didn’t go very well with me. though my parents really liked it. in the evening we decided to go to one of the beaches. We both on her scooty and her husband on another bike. but as luck would have it, our bike petrol got over and we went triple seat on the other bike, what an experience. 

Once on the beach, i was really getting scared to enter the water, the waves were just getting bigger and bigger, however, she managed to get me in the water. the waves were hitting us really hard and the water – oh so salty! and i couldn’t stop screaming and laughing, the waves were just throwing us to the shore. finally, we reached home by 9pm and then did the craziest thing ever. we took the pipe and went into the backyard, as she told me that we couldn’t enter the bathroom with mud on us since the bathroom would get chocked. so, with the pipe both of us tried to take the mud off ourselves in her backyard in the dark and both of us just couldn’t stop laughing. 

next day in the morning we went to her in-laws house, and they have a very ferocious dog. Oh my God i wasn’t going to enter that house, he is a thinny winny guy and the bark is so loud. anyways, finally i entered the house, it is so beautiful just like any ancestral home. and her mother in-law showed us an easter egg which her son-in-law had got. i did click it’s pictures. it was a huge easter egg and the design on it was really attractive. 

in the evening K and I took us out to have a tour of Goa. saw Goa was so different at night full of life. (I) was telling us about the historical importance of all these places. When we went on to the city side i didn’t like it at all, it was just like our Pune, not that i don’t like Pune but Pune was so peaceful earlier and now one doesn’t get to see that anymore. But i still love my Pune. K was dozing off in the car, it seems she usually does it and looking at that i just couldn’t stop laughing. Saw the light house from a distance but the roads were so deserted they really give the creeps, with only bushes all over and not a soul you can see. before the light house is a famous jail, i can’t recollect the name.

We went to Panjim and on the way saw ship decks lighted beautifully and people partying merrily, the sight was really eye catching. then we stopped at one place and K told me to ask I about O’Coqueiro. And i did. I told that this is the restaurant where Charles Shobraj was arrested when he was going to order some food for himself deeply engrossed looking at the menu and he promised to take us there. Suddenly i see the name and some how couldn’t pronounce it and said, “Hey it’s that Cock Cock restaurant isn’t it?” and everybody burst off laughing.

When we entered the restaurant, it appeared really pleasant. A live band was playing there and they were really good. Oh! before entering we all did click snaps and i did click one of Charles Shobraj’s statue which is inside the restaurant at the entrance. and even of O’Coqueiro, so that i never forget to pronounce the name of that restaurant again. Yes, so, we entered and sat, and they were playing all the English old melodies, and I really wanted to dance and kept asking K for a dance, even after 3 yrs of their marriage K was really feeling shy to dance with him, but she did. i could make out in the snaps that she was really feeling very shy.

 K did request for my favourite song red red wine to be played, I had told her not to mention my name on it, luckily she didn’t. My trip to Goa really helped me relax from the work that was getting to me real hard. It really helped me relax. Will never ever forget this trip. Thanks to my parents who accompanied me on this trip, i am sure even they enjoyed and also i did get to eat my orange fish gravy. K, I and uncle looked after us really well.

It was a trip to remember. i personally feel, if you really wanna get away from the busy life schedule and just wanna relax this is the right place on earth.


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