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It is elevating to retrace my footsteps
in the direction of the mountains,
to gaze at the new fallen snow,
to witness the glisten of icicles
and how they sparkle in the sun,
in my spirit I have returned home,
I fathom my journey, at the moment,
and it ensued into a long-lasting one.
I appear as before in outward view,
a few more lines, a few more pounds,
a softened heart, I wear no mask,
and childlike notions—I allocated—
I outgrew.
In my own right on a midsummer night,
in my sentiment—mountains reminiscent of,
a muse arising depositing poetry at task.
By way of a pen—my contemplation
obtaining shape,
my face against the wind,
my essence engaged in words realigned,
together with a stillness of reason
and spirit unconfined,
mysterious language assembled,
selected in the same way
as a trusted friend,
in my spirit I have returned home.



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