Hot, Hot, Hot: 2012's Summer Movie Beefcakes

It’s summer movie season again, and you know what that means … more explosions, more fast-food tie-ins, and more chances for Will Smith to save the world. But the best thing about the movies released between Memorial Day and Labor Day isn’t just the special effects—it’s the chance to ogle another crop of hunky, greased-up, heroic sacks of Hottie McHotts. Yes, that’s right: Another year, another class of crush-worthy leading men.   While some of this year’s stars—like Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller—need no introduction, a few are bursting onto the summer scene for the first time. Don’t know these soon-to-be-famous faces? You will soon. 
  • Taylor Kitsch

    The Movie: Battleship, opening May 18. This movie, based on the classic board bame, tells the story of aliens who attack the Earth from the sea.
    Where You’ve Seen Him: Starring in John Carter, if you were one of the twelve people who actually paid to see it. Also Friday Night Lights.
    What’s Next: Starring in another summer blockbuster, Savages, about peaceful marijuana growers and violent cartels.
    Fun Fact: Kitch also played the guy who got killed while having sex with his girlfriend in the lavatory in Snakes On a Plane.

  • Sam Claflin

    The Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman, a reimagining of the fairy tale containing more death and violence, while still offering a part for every dwarf actor in Hollywood. Claffin plays the prince in the film, which debuts on June 1.
    Where You’ve Seen Him: Playing an Englishman in Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides and in the TV miniseries The Pillars of the Earth, about peasants in medieval England.
    What’s Next: Playing an Englishman in a new movie with Mad Men’s Jared Harris (a.k.a. The English Guy).
    Fun Fact: Claflin’s ability to play English characters stems from his being from England.

  • Michael Fassbender

    The Movie: Prometheus, out on June 8. The film is the prequel to Alien and co-stars Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, and Noomi Rapace.
    Where You’ve Seen Him: Smoldering in movies like Inglorious Basterds, X-Men First Class, and Shame.

  • Diego Boneta

    The Movie: Boneta co-stars with Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages (out June 15), the big-screen adaptation of the Broadway jukebox musical.
    Where You’ve Seen Him: Playing the token Hispanic guy on 90210 Pretty Little Liars, and Mean Girls 2.
    What’s Next: He’ll star as Adam in a new adaptation of Paradise Lost.
    Fun Fact: Boneta was a child star in Mexico, appearing in telenovelas and releasing albums.

  • Alex Pettyfer

    The Movie: In Magic Mike, opening on June 29, Pettyfer plays “The Kid,” a newbie male stripper taken under Channing Tatum’s wing. Expect lots of Chippendales-style pelvic thrusting.
    *Where You’ve Seen Him:*The popcorn-friendly flicks In Time and I Am Number Four.
    What’s Next: Nothing lined up just yet.
    Fun Fact: Pettyfer was reportedly engaged to Glee actress Dianna Agron, and when the couple broke up, his temper frightened Agron so much that she checked into a hotel under an alias.

  • Benjamin Walker

    The Movie: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, out on June 29, tells the story of our sixteenth president, who saved the country from a vampire invasion and did some other stuff, too.
    Where You’ve Seen Him: Off-Broadway, where he starred in the critically-acclaimed Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.
    What’s Next: Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, a Very Serious Film About Social Justice, co-starring Christopher Plummer and Danny Glover.
    Fun Fact: Walker is married to Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer. And he really loves American history.

  • Tom Hardy

    The Movie: Hardy plays the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, hitting theaters on July 20.
    Where You’ve Seen Him: Looking hunky and English in movies like This Means War, Warrior, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Inception.
    What’s Next: Starring in the new reboot of the Mad Max series.
    Fun Fact: Sober since 2003, the thirty-five-year-old Hardy battled crack addiction in his twenties.


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