How Can I Help?

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The world can do without me, it was here before I came,
It matters not a single jot, it doesn’t know my name;
It doesn’t care, if I am sad, or full of joy today’
It cannot share my labors or join me in my play.

Why should I care about it, it should not bother me
If all seas are poisoned and it loses every tree,
If all the forest turn to sand and oceans all run dry
If all life dies and disappears, why should I stop to cry.

Well, mainly for the animals, the insects and the birds,
the fishes and the reptiles, and though it seems absurd,
I find mankind important, despite it’s silly notion
To kill off many species, and pollute the mighty ocean.

In the crazy drive for progress, there is very little thought
About the young, tomorrow, and the future, it is fraught
With danger, and existence will expire very soon
Unless we all pack up our lot, and venture to the moon.

So as much as it ignores me, my planet, be aware
That in my humble little way, I really have to care.
And I will do my very best, each moment I will strive
So that all the future’s creatures
Will have somewhere safe to live.


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