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How Celebs Do Bachelor Parties: Eight Infamous Shindigs

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Ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged, details about everything from her dress designer to their honeymoon location have made their way through the rumor mill. Even William’s bachelor party, a time-honored tradition kept mostly hush-hush by its participants, is up for speculation. But that’s the downside of being a celebrity: all of your business—even your pre-wedding, please-don’t-let-my-girlfriend-find-out party business—is up for grabs, right down to the last shameful detail. For example, check out of some the bachelor parties famous folks have held in the past. They’re not all scandalous, but they’re certainly memorable.

Prince Andrew
Perhaps Kate will take a cue from Fergie, Duchess of York, who joined forces with Princess Diana to dress up as policemen the night of Andrew’s bachelor party. According to the book Diana, Princess of Wales: Humanitarian, the costumed ladies waited at the entrance to Buckingham Palace to surprise him after his big night.

Josh Duhamel
When Duhamel married Fergie (the Black Eyed Peas singer, not the Duchess of York) in 2009, they decided to throw a joint bachelor-bachelorette party at a Santa Monica spot called Dakota Lounge. Guests dined on Kobe beef sliders, sipped champagne, and danced well into the night.

Tony Parker
Josh and Fergie were hardly the first Hollywood couple to have a coed shindig. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker did the same thing in 2007, only they traveled to Saint-Tropez for a far more extravagant bash. People magazine reported that the weekend-long party, which included thirty of their closest friends, started with lounging on a yacht and ended with dancing up a storm at a local club.

Mario Lopez
Maybe if Lopez had opted for a shared bash with his lady, Ali Landry, he would’ve stayed married longer than two weeks. He admitted that during his 2004 bachelor party in Mexico, he cheated on Landry. A couple of weeks later, when she saw a picture of him in a compromising position with another woman from the party, she had the marriage annulled.

Paris Latsis
Mario Lopez isn’t the first to cheat on his betrothed right before the wedding. In 2005, the whirlwind romance of Paris Hilton and shipping heir Paris Latsis came to a halt before they tied the knot. Hilton was mum about the details at the time, but later she insinuated that the reason for their split was his infidelity at his bachelor party.

Russell Brand
What shocked most people about this renowned partier’s bachelor weekend plans was that they were so low-key. Since Brand’s a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, controlled substances were off-limits at his party. Instead, he and his friends (including ex–Oasis band member Noel Gallagher) watched a soccer match, went to a fancy dinner, and then stopped by a notorious table-dancing club called Angels. Even there, though, no crazy hijinks ensued—the club owner told the press that Brand and company hosted “the most civilized stag party ever.”

Elton John and David Furnish
Elton John doesn’t do anything small, least of all a gathering to celebrate his upcoming nuptials to longtime partner David Furnish. Together, they threw one of the most star-studded, lavish bachelor parties in existence. The Osbournes were there, along with Elizabeth Hurley, Josh Hartnett, Bryan Adams, and, surprisingly enough, Kid Rock. The bash took place at a nightclub in London; shirtless waiters passed out champagne and other gourmet goodies.

Jimmy Stewart
They just don’t do bachelor parties like they used to in Hollywood. Take Jimmy Stewart’s scandalous affair at the famous restaurant Chasen’s in 1949. The most memorable part of the event was when Jerry Maren, who played a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz, put on a baby costume and was supposed to pee on Stewart. Another, Bill Barty, was hired to call him Daddy. No word on whether these two were also the ones who jumped out of a silver serving dish to surprise Stewart, or if there were multiple little people at this party.

Clearly, Prince Harry (who’s reportedly planning his brother’s bachelor party) has his work cut out for him when it comes to memorable events. Of course, considering this is the future king of England we’re talking about, it might be an affair even less raucous than Russell Brand’s. William probably wants to avoid all the scandal he can before ascending to the throne, leaving little room for compromising pictures, topless waiters, and little people on platters. Then again, if you were set to become the most powerful person in all the land, what kind of party would you throw?


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