How to Crochet a Magic Circle

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Crocheting a magic circle might be tricky for those of you who are just learning how to crochet. It is used in many crochet patterns especially for those like amigurumi and other small toys. Most patterns will tell you to chain two and then to do a given number of stitches following that. Although this pattern may produce a circle for your needs, it may not be the circle you are looking for. It may give you a circle with a big hole in the middle.

In crocheting a magic circle, you will produce an even better circle for your pattern as its also considered an adjustable ring. You have a perfect circle with an adjustable center so you can get the size and diameter you are looking for. You can tighten the yarn or close it completely depending on what kind of pattern you are making.

To crochet a magic circle just follow these steps:

  • First make a loop with the loose end of the yarn under the working end of the yarn.
  • Then pull the working end of the yarn from behind the loose end with a crochet hook. Then bring it back to the top. Then you can chain one and go as if you would for any other ring.
  • Continue around with the stitches worked directly over both cords.
  • Once you have the stitches you desire, you hold your work with one hand and pull the loose end tight with your other hand.
  • Keep pulling the loose end until you have the size circle you want. You can then weave in your end to keep the ring from growing as you finish your project.

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