How to Throw an Outdoor Party

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Party planning is one of my favorite things to do, I haven’t done much of it, but when I do, I just love it. I mean, I planned my own wedding from start to finish, and not to toot my own horn, but it was fabulous. Outdoor summer parties are always really fun especially if the weather is in your favor. If you’re a green crafter or just looking to save some money then learn how to throw an outdoor party with me while we recycle.

Invitations are probably one of the most important parts in planning a party, I only say this because without invitations no one will know there’s a party happening. First things first, don’t pay for a single thing! There are so many online tools you can use these days. One of my favorites is called This is a site that allows you to create online invitations for your guests. All you have to do is pick a background, choose your date and insert all your guests email addresses and press send. It’s that easy. Your guests will have their invitations in no time. No need to buy stamps or envelopes.

Decorations play a pretty important role in party planning as well. Decorations help set the mood. You don’t even need a lot of them, but color, color is always a good thing. All you need are some folding chairs and tables. If you don’t want to spend money on table covers then just use some newspaper. A fun way to decorate the tables is by using the comic section of a newspaper that way your guests have something fun to read. You can use tiki torches for when it gets a bit darker out and you can use colorful plates and napkins. There’s nothing wrong with re-using old party favors like streamers or balloons, so go ahead and re-use them. If you have a bunch of empty bottles in your house, you can use them for candle holders.

Again, an important part of an outdoor party. Let your guests know whether or not there will even be food at the party, this way they know if they should eat beforehand or not. One of the easiest things to do for an outdoor party is to make snacks and appetizers. A favorite of mine are the mini dogs wrapped in bacon or Pillsbury rolls…mmmm. Another easy way to save is to go to Jewel or Dominick’s and get sandwich trays. This will help save big time depending on how many guests you are planning on.

How to throw an outdoor party? It’s really all about you. What kind of theme are you going for? How many guests are you going to have? Don’t forget, while hosting your party, have a good time. Leave the cleanup for later.

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