How to Turn a Placemat into a Bag

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Place mat purses are some of my favorite thrifty crafts because just as place mats are versatile, the bags you make will also be. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few place mats that I don’t use anymore because there’s not a complete set, or they just don’t make it to the dining room table anymore! There are great ways to reuse these pieces of fabric and re-purpose for your daily life. So they won’t stay tucked away in the cabinets or drawers any longer.

I tend to go for more rustic looking decor and fabrics when I’m looking for kitchen items, so many of my leftover place mats have that sort of earthy feel to them. However, any kind of fabric will do—whether they’re your fanciest place mats or the ones your kids use everyday. Your bag will be lovely because it’s yours. Follow this tutorial from Beacon Adhesives to make your own Easy Placemat Bag.


  • 20 inch bamboo or fabric place mat of your choice.
  • 1 inch wide canvas webbing fabric for handle, 2 pieces each 30 inches long. Use any coordinating color to your place mat.
  • Medium size rickrack in a coordinating color.
  • 1/2 inch wide polka dot grosgrain ribbon, or other decorative ribbon.
  • Six fabric daisies or other embellishments of choice.
  • Clips or spring-type clothes pins


  1. Fold each 30 inch canvas handle in half. Glue handles to the inside of the place mat with the FABRI-TAC GLUE and hold in place with the clips until dry.
  2. Allow handles to dry for at least 12 hours. With FABRI-TAC, glue along the inside right and left edges of the place mat, fold over, and gentle press to form purse. Hold edges together with clips while drying.
  3. Cut lengths of polka dot ribbon and glue to front of purse as in photo. Repeat on the back if desired. Glue similar lengths of rickrack to purse, one above the ribbon and one below.
  4. Attach six fabric flowers between the ribbons. Let everything dry at least overnight before using.

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