I Am Not Too Old!

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I close my eyes tightly and cross my hands over my chest as I catch and hold my breath. I feel a slight push on my back and I quickly say a silent prayer and JUMP! As I fall rapidly, I open my eyes, stretch out my arms and turn flips and roll and tumbles like a schoolgirl. At the proper altitude I pull the pull cord and my chute opens and unfolds gracefully.

Now I feel as if I am sitting in a large rocking chair and turn, flip, and roll as I float through the sky. I feel as if I am flying. The world below me looks like a small and miniature model as I float closer. As I manipulate my chute I land, with a slight bump on my butt (never got that part gracefully). The adrenaline rush is out of this world as I get to my feet and untangle myself from the chute and cords. The adrenaline high is the same every time I jump.

Skydiving is a wonderful experience and one that I was not able to stop after the first time. My children thought I was crazy when I first jumped at age 37. Yet, they were there at the first jump with a camera and a zoom lens to catch the excitement. I had to repeatedly remind them that I was not too old to do some of the things that I wanted to at the age of 37 (and as I became older other things) because they were grown and gone from home. I do not jump now at the age of 50 but I can look at the photos and video and relive the feelings of every jump as I close my eyes and cross my arms…



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