I Don’t Love Me

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I was born to live
Not to shatter into the pitiful pit
I was supposed to shine
To smile with love to everyone

I can’t be stuck in a movie life
I feel reality when I see movies
I want to feel the real reality of life itself
Not be obscured with my thoughts

I can’t take this any longer
These thoughts of perfection
Don’t know when or how
Excuses of what or who did it to me

They are pure lies
Because my heart doesn’t even know the truth
My head knows, but it blocks the truth
How selfish of myself

I’m here dying everyday
Horrified of my own bathroom
My kitchen
My loved ones

You can’t understand
Unless you’re going through this hell
You don’t know
So stop telling me to stop

I can’t!

Tears come every day now
I can’t control myself
I can’t breathe
My soul is upset

My heart is dead
Sorry for my loves
I have disappointed you
But I just can’t do it

It won’t go away
It’ll never go away
I don’t know what to do
I’m scared 

Just hold me
Tell me you love me
Now that I don’t love me


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