I Love You

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To stand in the darkness and not see the light, allows you to have a passion for love.

I love you is such a beautiful phrase
But it was never said in our home much to peoples amaze.
Our home was not a touchy, feely place,
No kisses, no hugs, not even a touch of Grace.
Where was love in my childhood home?
It wasn’t caring parents it was just gone.
You made sure you didn’t cherish a toy or games or any little token
To do so would mean you would find later it was broken.
We did have Duke our old hound dog and we loved him so much
He would lay beside you so warm and so soft to the touch
He would follow us everywhere we would go
Out in the heat of summer and winter in the snow
There was no one who said come and sit with me awhile
And let me hold you and love you my little child
There was no one we trusted to let them get close.
We might have let them give us a cookie or maybe some toast.
Love wasn’t a thing we were taught in our home.
So it had to be in us all the while that we roamed.
The angels above must have been by our side
They let us feel love in the night as we cried
For I hate you was the phrase that we heard most
You are not worth a damn was what our parents would boast.
Or maybe you are stupid or ugly or strange
Sometimes they thought that we were deranged.
But somewhere inside I guess love managed to grow
Maybe God hid it between our head and our toe.
It has taken a lifetime for the roots to take hold
I guess it’s alright because we have broken that mold.
So God in his mercy saved the best for last,
We know that to give love is really our task.
To give it you need to understand what it is like
Like holding a baby or maybe a small tyke.
So what is this thing that we call love?
The kind that can only come from God above.
When you have it you know it that’s all I can say
Try talking to God he’ll lead the way.
 I guess it has grown and now overflows from us
To all of the people who are just like us.


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