I Need to Pursue Me

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I love you, but I’ve got to do me

I love you, but I have to pursue me

Support me along the way, but don’t stand in my way

I don’t want to be influenced by outside voices

My inner voice is my choice

Being tugged and pulled by what others have to say, just causes me to stray from the inner way

What voice should I listen to?

The voice that holds me in view

I’ve got to follow my dreams—not yours

My dreams are the keys that open my doors

I know you mean well when you try to direct me—but my inner visions aren’t your pursuits

It’s my choices and decisions that I desire to affect me!

I don’t desire to live my life according to the standards of the world, but according to the standards of my inner voice, that’s the voice that keeps me on course!

I need to pursue me! 


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