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I Wonder You

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From the soon to be released Deep Breaths

I wonder YOU

What you say

What you do


To get through

Til tomorrow is due


I wonder why

You bite your lips

And do that thing

With your eyes

And hide feelings so true


I wonder me

Thinking of YOU

Holding you tight

When you’re out of my sight

But feel so close


And when I wish

And want

And touch


I wonder YOU

Wanting me,

Wanting You

Wanting Me

Then having YOU


I wonder when

My heart filled

So heavy with pride

And my soul moved your way

And why the music

You bring

Doesn’t go away

And if it will?


I wonder YOU,

And I wonder how

These feelings so deep

And uncontrollable urges seep

Into all that I am

And sometimes I wonder

Outside myself

And into you,


Sometimes I do …


I wonder YOU


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