If It Is Real, You Will Feel It

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I’m a long way from over you.
I’m going to see you,
I’m gonna break through to you some way or another.
You will be my savior, to wake me from these endless days.
And when it’s all over and I’m gone, you’ll be calling out for me. To finish what you had started, and do it all over again.
You’ll say you’re sorry and ask for another chance.
Will I be there for you this time?
What am I supposed to do about it?
Should I sit around and wait for you?
What am I supposed to say to you?
Where am I supposed to go from here?
You already know how I feel. You already know I’m in love with you. I never lost hope.
You broke me down without saying a word; all it took was for me to see you with her.
And I’m tired of running in circles for you.
And as I let go, the only thing I think about is how I never took a chance on you, like you did on me and it drives me crazy to know that’s why you left it the first place.
The way you look at me has changed so clearly I can see things will always be so awkward between you and me.
I’m tired of playing your little games, because all you seem to do is play with my head.
You’re no different than any of the others.
There’s no turning back now. Things have changed, and there’s no way to go back in time to stop this from happening.

I still miss you, forever and always.


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