If Today Was My Last Day

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If I should die before I wake

I’d live each moment

like it was the last breath I’d take

If today was my last day

and tomorrow was to late

I’d spend less time contemplating

if this was destiny, or fate

I’d put everything aside

leave behind my fears

and especially my pride

All the things in my past

I’d leave them there

if it were my last

If today was my last day

I’d tell you all the little things

I forgot to say

I’d give back every single

dime, If I could just

rewind the hands of time

Always looking for happiness

above and beyond

taking for granted, you’d

never be gone

Id fall to my knees

“Dear God, please

give me this last request.

To hold my boy’s

close to my chest.”

Will they know my name

in this new place? Would

they call me Mommy,

if they saw my face?

My heart just

aches in utter sorrow.

Knowing I have to endure

another tomorrow.

I can only pray,

they hear my cry;

“My Shanie and Tyty,

Mommy loves you. Good bye.”




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