Imeica’s Beginnings

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This is a fan fiction written quite a few years ago that I’m working on turning into a marketable story by taking it out of the copyrighted world created by George Lucas. I do not claim any rights to any characters in this story, merely the creation of the story itself built around the characters.

Imeica’s Beginnings
Part and Post I
She surveys the territory with much disdain. Her ill begotten sibling, a creation of her father through the gene splicing of himself and his Twi lover, had informed her this was a quiet town. A place where the natives were friendly and rarely asked questions. With her instructions in hand, she searched for the right location and quickly found it in a small grove of trees, just on the outskirts of town. The decision of the structure had been decided. With its isolated lower floor, the purpose of the structure would be a secret hidden from view of the townsfolk.

With her decidedly striking appearance, a penchant for the wicked, and no discernible conscience whatsoever, the Empire had sought her out to aid in their efforts in weeding out the filth that would attempt to stop them from their occupation of the Galaxy. They knew her methods were not the ilk of their ordinary interrogators and by any means necessary she would accomplish whatever task they set before her. The shock of realization usually occurring to her victims … er … marks only after they were in the claws of her seductive measures.

She began construction of the facilities late in the evening, her implements of torture tucked neatly out of sight so as not to arouse suspicion.

Some might wonder how a beauty such as herself could have come to have this wicked demeanor. To those who knew her well enough, they held the answers; for she would not speak of the terrors that dwelled within her, of which she had befriended and allowed to engulf her entire being. If any of them spoke a word concerning this, she had no knowledge but they also knew the consequences of doing so.

Today she crafted out a sane man’s nightmare … and awaited her first mission.

Part and Post II
Awaking before first light as she was accustomed, she looked about the dwelling very pleased with her efforts. She had accomplished the first phase, now came the difficult task. She turned the envelope over in her hand and fingered the seal that held it closed. Debating with herself on opening it, she threw it on the bed beside her and sighed. There once was a time that hesitation would not enter her thoughts, but lately she was more cautious, more aware that something was amiss; putting her finger on it was the problem.

The dreams had come upon her again the previous night. She realized she had nearly tossed herself out of the bed again. Frequently using sedatives to vanquish them, lately they seemed to have little to no effect. It was as if her dreams were trying to tell her something. Make her aware of those pieces of her life she could never quite put together. There were gaps in time that could not be explained. Brief flashes of what she thought were memories but somehow they had to be her dreams haunting her, because no one could have survived the occurrences whole. She had spent years trying to straighten it all out in her mind, but every time she did, she was face to face with another wall.
The dreams contained cages with all means of creatures in them, as well as humans, being held and she looking through the bars of her own cage. Electrical devices meant to not only shock the receiver but to bring them close enough to death that they would beg for just that. An iron maiden, much like her very own that now stood in her chambers, used to pierce the skin and draw blood only to have the victim removed from the maiden and chemicals poured into the wounds. She could see her own wounds, but had no way of knowing how they got there or who caused them.

She picked up the invitation again and opened it cautiously. Given to her by her sister, she knew she’d find some answers at this ceremony. How and what these answers were she had no clue. But something seemed right about it.

Climbing out of bed, she looked for Ghost. That cat was always moping about and turning up in the oddest of places. Today he could be found in the Maiden that had been left open overnight. She knew better than to do that; the Gurreck could be severely injured. Ghost opened his eyes and seemed to smile at her. The two of them had a connection not really explainable by the laws of nature. They just seemed to “know” what the other was feeling. He made a good companion considering what he’d been through as a babe. She had found him behind a BE’s shop beaten almost beyond repair, but that didn’t stop her from taking him home, cleaning him up, and nursing him back to health. He wasn’t much more than a lap cat, although he stood almost as tall as she did. Upon seeing his lady, Ghost stood up and sauntered out of the Maiden, barely missing its spikes, but gracefully as any cat would. He put his head under her hand and gave a growl as if to say “Good Morning.”

Carrying the envelope downstairs to the kitchen, she was thinking of all the things that had brought her to this point. As she fixed herself some breakfast of raw fish and pikatta pie, she sat gazing at the flaming trees in her main hall. There was a time she had seen trees just like that. Burning from the blaze set by unseen hands. Everything she had known, everyone close to her, had perished in that blaze, but she had somehow survived being dragged out by her feet, by hands that appeared to come from nowhere. From that point, her memory turned into a black pit, offering up no glimmer of the trials that she had been through, save for the nightmarish terror that was now a part of her soul. The only morsel that she had kept with her were her tools and her knowledge of torture. Unsure how she had come by this knowledge, but adept in her craft, she used it to her advantage wherever she went.

There was a more recent happening that caused her more concern …

With her demented sense of humor, some time ago she had volunteered her services at a local charity slave auction and found herself in the object of a bidding war. She had made the acquaintance of one of the gentlemen bidding but there were two more who sought to win her that night. One was her long-time companion Mayfield who at some point seemed to get lost in the bidding. The other one, a rugged, yet soft-spoken gentleman adamant about his bidding, seemed to be getting negative attention from his lady friend who stood close to him. He seemed familiar, but she knew she’d never met him before. Not quite sure what the situation was, she was pleased to see the acquaintance make the purchase. She knew what to expect from him and went along willingly. Walking away, she heard whispers concerning the bidding come from the parties who accompanied the soft-spoken gentleman and his lady friend. Not quite sure what to make of it, but personally not caring much she went about her business as instructed.

From that time on, something about the event bothered her. Putting the occurrence out of her mind seemed near impossible. She had no way of understanding what this could mean but she meant to find out.

Somehow, someway … she knew the answer was there in the unknown party bidding for her time and skills at the auction. Unexplainable as it was, she had to seek him out.



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