An Imperfect World

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From the soon to be released D’liberate Ramblings:

It’s a cracked up world sometimes

Cranked up and tanked up

On wars that reside in bedrooms

Refereed by government states


But ill-advised

Where health-care means health-shares

In the greatest corporate model of greed

But fulfills the greatest need

And we are supposed to still believe

That we all bleed, and breed

Same blood


It’s a medicated world sometimes

Where drugs replace self-love and self-esteem

Where people are dying to believe

That their love is worthy

And politics replace religious intent

And instead of finding middle grounds

We lean right or too far left

In depurative rounds

And bites become sounds

And bytes become sends

And truths become mixed

But messages become fixed


Personal wars wage

Between acceptance and rage

And somewhere in between

Fat and thin, between love within

And love without

Between addiction and intervention

And sometimes obsessive quests

You can just bet, on another gamble

Scrambled pitch about what it means

And what it meant

To be …

And to be loved

Completely …

Like in birth

And then in death

If you never felt quite right



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