The Infection

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I tie the knot with the enemy
He disguises himself as a friend
His motives are to break me,
I’m afraid to say it, but he is winning

His razor sharp bacterial words cut my flesh
Leaving wounds that can’t heal
My wounds are invisible to everyone, but me
How could he cut and contaminate me like this?

My wounds hurt even more now
Because they are infected
His bacterial blades call words invade my body
Destroying and infecting everything it touches.

I feel my body weakening
This infection is spreading
Self-doubt, low self-esteem, mistrust, despair, and self-hate
Are these the symptoms?

I can’t come back from this infection
It has spread too far and too deep now
My heart beat slows
His infectious words have embed it’s feeler in my heart
I can’t love or feel anymore

I shout my eyes and surrender to the commands of his tainted lexis
I am sure there aren’t any cures
Then four little hands touch me
I open my eyes to see my two little angles
The infection had to retreat
He was now weak
And I was now strong.


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