Introspection ...

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Walking through the slumberous lane,
I stopped at the rusty gate.
The cankerous door standing to embrace me.
Drawn through the alluring darkness,
I hop scotched my way through the labyrinth of dust.
With each palpable step, I went back to the past,
Unraveling many a secret of languid summers;
When salubrious evenings filled the cup of joy.

Mirth reverberating through lace of cobweb
Defying time.
The peeled lime of the wall now speaks of void.

Collapsing on the fraying tapestry, I still felt the warmth;
Once, left by our entwining torsos.
Lying transfixed, I purged myself in my own tears.
If only I could make the lifeless pendulum tick,
If only I could change the sepia,
If only …
The bygone rose from the ashes of past?


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