Jay-Z Doesn't Want to Intervene in Rihanna's Life

He does, however, support Miley Cyrus's reinvention so not all hope is lost.

Jay-Z was a mentor to Rihanna so you'd think he'd be a bit concerned about some of her recent life choices, much as a big brother would watch out for a little sister. But that's not necessarily the case. During an interview with Angie Martinez for Hot97, Jay-Z said that when it comes to stepping in on Riri's good-girl-gone-bad lifestyle "it's not my place, you don't make the call. I can't control the outcome of your life, I can't intervene." Makes sense. He already has one daughter to raise, he doesn't need an unruly twentysomething to control. On the flip side, he does like Miley Cyrus' reinvention, saying, "She's fearless. Just being herself. People want her to be something, and this is her reaction to it. Maybe it's loud, but it's understandable." See folks? When you give Jay-Z a shout-out in one of your songs, he reciprocates the love.


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