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JLo's Stuffed Snake Dress: Yay or Nay?

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Jennifer Lopez must be bored with the endless number of bandage dresses she flawlessly fills out because yesterday she donned one that was a bit different. It's different in that fabric isn't the only thing hugging her perfect, perfect curves. What seems to be a stuffed snake winds up one side and around her neck like a scarf-meets-jungle-friend.

I'm diggin' the muted color-blocking and even the scuba-inspired cut, but remain undecided about whether having a stuffed snake slithering around her neck is cool and edgy or just puzzling. I might feel this way because I think the snake resembles a beanie baby—it's almost laughably fake.

Here's a closer look.

What do you think? Does wearing a stuffed animal ruin the ensemble? Or does it add necessary spice to an otherwise classic bandage dress?

UPDATE: Upon closer look, it appears the snake is bejeweled! Interesting. Does this change things?


photo source: Juan Rico/FameFlynet Pictures


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