Joe Francis Sentenced to Jail!

The "Girls Gone Wild" mogul lands himself back behind bars.

40-year-old Joe Francis, the mastermind behind the Girls Gone Wild porn empire, was sentenced to jail Tuesday morning on charges of assault, false imprisonment, and dissuading a witness. He has been ordered to serve at least 270 days in county jail, 36 months probation, and complete an anger management course and 52 psychological counseling sessions.

This all stems from a 2011 incident in which three women claim Francis offered them a ride to their cars from the Supper Club in Hollywood. Instead of being taken to their cars, the women say they ended up at Francis's Bel Air mansion, where he attempted to lead one of the women away from the group. When her friend attempted to pull her back, Francis reportedly jumped on the friend, choked her, slammed her head into the ground, and dragged her body across the ground repeatedly.

The women claim that when they threatened to call the police, Joe told them to "go ahead" because he "owns the police."

Apparently Francis doesn't own the police, because he's had multiples run-ins with the law before this and it isn't his first jail sentence!

After his sentencing, Joe publicly stated that the jurors in the case were "retarded" and "should all be lined up and shot."

He has since apologized for that statement.

We're not surprised Joe Francis has landed himself back in legal trouble! What do our readers think of the sentencing?


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