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John Mayer’s Tweets: More Than Words to a Girl Like Me

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I basically live my life through John Mayer quotes, lyrics, and Tweets.

If someday, I do ever write a memoir, it would be peppered with stuff that came out of John Mayer’s mouth or through his fingertips. It seems that his mind and heart is somehow synchronized to mine, and for every thing that happened to myself in which I am unable to express, I know I could always count on John to convey it best with words.

Oh words! I’m a sucker for witty, well-crafted, intelligently thought-of sentences with good grammar and snooty Ivy-League-esque vocabulary. (No dictionary required though; that’s just you showing off, right there.) If you want to know the way to my heart, boys—it’s through my mind. It’s simple, really. You just gotta do three things to get me interested:

a. Make me laugh
b. Make me curious, and
c. Make me think

And if you want to get me to fall in love with you, just add (d) Make me blush. Voila!

A shared near-obsessive admiration for John Mayer is not necessary. To be honest, it would be kind of creepy. You and I singing along and bopping head to head to “Why Georgia?” at one of John’s live concerts is not exactly my idea of a dream date. Let that be an all-girls night out in which the no-shame Natasha comes out; loud, hysterical screams and shouting “I love you, John!” at the top of my lungs every five minutes. I fully intent on asking him to marry me as well. Hahaha.

All I’m asking for, dear next boyfriend of mine, is that you will not roll your eyes everytime I start a sentence with, “It’s like that John Mayer song …” because I promise you, this will happen a lot.


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