JWOWW's Rules for Meeting the Parents

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The first time I met Roger’s dad, he had to get me out of a speeding ticket. No joke! LOL!

If you haven’t already met your boo’s parents, ‘tis the season! It can be pretty intimidating around the holidays (especially if you’re meeting the whole family), but I have some suggestions that might help calm your nerves.

1. Kiss ass. I can’t stress this one enough, especially when it comes to his mother. You’ll want to get on her good side and never challenge her opinion or authority. Always be polite, always bring gifts, and always tell her she looks fabulous.

2. Look nice. You’re gonna want to look fabulous too! Lookin’ like a zoo creature will only raise eyebrows. Make sure you’re fresh to death from the start, don’t overdo anything and wear a new (and appropriate) outfit.

3. Make conversation. Don’t just do all the talking! Ask questions and at least pretend like you’re interested, LOL! Also, if he has a big family, make sure to mingle with everybody.

4. Be on your best behavior. Table manners included.

5. Be smart. Brush up on your news so you don’t look like an idiot in conversation. If you have problems with this, read your Twitter feed. Ha!

Do you have any tips for meeting your boo’s parents? Share your ideas below!


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