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Kissing, I wondered why I wanted to try it so much that I would die
first time it was when I was ten
at the hands of a boy name Glenn
he had bad breath and a bumpy chin
and chased me around, and around again
at recess time he caught my hair
and pinned me down and kissed me there
his kiss was sloppy, wet and wild
but I was only then a child
in my teens a boy name Gene
the coolest guy I’d ever seen
he kissed me on the front porch swing
Oh! it was an awful thing
he had a cold, his lips were dry
I thought that I would surely die
our braces locked, as did my knees
I knew I had caught some disease
but then quite to my surprise
my life went on, and I survived
I decided not to kiss anymore
since kissing I did not adore
my father said one day I would find
a kiss that would change my mind
I didn’t think that would ever be
until the day that you kissed me
your breath was sweet, your lips wern’t dry
and I saw stars up in the sky
now kissing is so very sweet
and with you a daily treat!

Do you remember your first kiss?


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