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Know Berger from Big? A Sex and the City Quiz

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During Sex and the City’s highly successful six-season run on HBO, its four female leads racked up an impressive number of love interests. Some lasted a few episodes, others lasted a few minutes, and most didn’t hold a candle to the guys Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda ended up with at the end of the series. (Save for Aidan, who was inarguably amazing but just wasn’t a good match for Carrie.)

Unless you’ve watched every episode multiple times, chances are, you don’t remember three-fourths of the men these fashionable ladies dated. I’m only a little ashamed to tell you I have seen every episode multiple times, so I can tell you all about every guy who passed through their lives: the randoms, the noteworthy, and everyone in between. If you fancy yourself a Sex and the City expert as well, take the quiz below and see how well you remember the main characters’ love lives. (The answers are at the end.)

1. What was the name of the first guy Miranda dated in the series?
A. Todd
B. Steve
C. Skipper
D. Travis

2. Which bad thing doesn’t happen on Charlotte and Harry’s wedding day?
A. Charlotte’s dress gets stained.
B. Miranda accidentally sets something on fire.
C. Samantha’s bracelet breaks.
D. Carrie and Aidan break up.

3. Carrie’s high school boyfriend visited her from the mental asylum in Season Six. Which famous actor played him?
A. David Duchovny
B. Matthew McConaughey
C. Chris Noth
D. Blair Underwood

4. Which character’s brother does Samantha hook up with in the second season?
A. Stanford’s
B. Charlotte’s
C. Miranda’s
D. Carrie’s

5. What gift does Big give Carrie that makes her realize he doesn’t know her at all?
A. An ankle bracelet
B. A sequined swan purse
C. Tickets to a Knicks game
D. A McDonald’s gift certificate

6. What do Miranda and her Weight Watchers man friend from Season Five bond over?
A. A food scale from Crate and Barrel
B. Pepperoni pizza
C. The TV series Jules & Mimi
D. Krispy Kreme donuts

7. Which boyfriend coined the phrase “He’s just not that into you”?
A. Trey MacDougal
B. Mr. Big
C. Jack Berger
D. Steve Brady

8. Charlotte briefly hangs out with a movie star in the second season. What was his name?
A. Wiley Ford
B. Smith Jerrod
C. William Harris
D. Bradley Cooper

9. What was Smith Jerrod’s original name before Samantha changed it?
A. Michael Smith
B. Jerry Jerrod
C. Smith Jones
D. John Preston

10. How does Aleksandr Petrovsky help Carrie recover from fainting at the opera in Season Six?
A. He splashes water on her face.
B. He takes her on a walk through the park.
C. He takes her to McDonald’s.
D. He offers her a cigarette.

11. Who is Samantha’s celebrity idol?
A. Raquel Welch
B. Warren Beatty
C. Elizabeth Taylor
D. Hugh Hefner

12. Which author does Steve tell Miranda he’s reading when they first meet?
A. Stephen King
B. Ernest Hemingway
C. Danielle Steel
D. Betty Friedan

13. What does Charlotte do with her engagement ring after ending things with Trey?
A. She gives it to Carrie.
B. She turns it into a set of earrings.
C. She throws it down a street sewer.
D. She sells it on eBay.

14. What does Carrie tell Jack Berger New York women never wear in public?
A. Sweatpants
B. Hair curlers
C. Scrunchies
D. Denim cutoffs

15. How does Samantha get revenge on Richard after he cheats on her?
A. She throws a drink in his face.
B. She posts derogatory flyers about him all over the city.
C. She tries to get him fired.
D. Two of the above.

16. How does Robert tell Miranda that he loves her in Season Six?
A. He takes her to the top of the Empire State building.
B. He puts it on a cookie.
C. He mouths it across the room at a party.
D. He announces it to the crowd at a Knicks game.

17. How does Harry convince Charlotte to attend a wedding with him in Season Five?
A. He tells her a celebrity will attend.
B. He says they’ll stay at a four-star hotel.
C. He buys her a diamond necklace.
D. He agrees to wax his back.

18. Which friend helped Aidan pick out an engagement ring for Carrie?
A. Steve
B. Charlotte
C. Stanford
D. None of the above

19. Miranda dated a guy in Season Three who claimed to be an ER doctor. What was his real profession?
A. Foot Locker employee
B. Accountant
C. Waiter at Pastis
D. Gossip blogger

What’s the name of Smith’s play that Samantha helps promote?
A. A Streetcar Named Desire
B. Brooklyn Is for Lovers
C. Full Moon
D. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Answers: 1: C; 2: D; 3: A; 4: B; 5: B; 6: D; 7: C; 8: A; 9: B; 10: C; 11: D; 12: B; 13: A; 14: C; 15: D; 16: B; 17: D; 18: D; 19: A; 20: C

Photo courtesy of Alan Light


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