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A lesson is learned
and yet it is also taught

we make mistakes
and we learn from them

learning a lesson
or making a mistake

is only a life tool
to have a testimony

to show other
I was there once

look where I am now
this could be you

No, I’m not perfect
far from it


I bleed
I cry

I’m no different
and yet I am different

I see outside
looking in

touch of Gods love
you wont be the same

the lessons learned
are no more

the lesson is there
the mistake is not

its washed away off your
record yet the lesson

lies within your heart
you have been there

you have seen the
things they have seen

you have been in that sinking
boat and God pulled you up

when you hit rock bottom
he picked you up

dusted you off
and shined you right up

you will never be the same
how could you be?

suddenly your lessons
have a twist

God’s twist
now not only

have you been there
and learned from it

you have God’s word
to breath into their souls

A lesson is learned
and yet it is also taught.


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