Let the Mind Games Begin

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I think I have a crush on Simon Baker.

Just who is Simon Baker?

Only the star of my new favourite crime-solving drama series, The Mentalist. Just how awesome is that show? So awesome.

Simon Baker has tousled, curly golden blond hair. The kind that if he was born with chromosomes XX, he would be called Goldilocks. Such pretty hair.

And his eyes are green, the kind that makes me think of palm trees, for some reason. In many ways, Simon Baker reminds me of a day at the beach. Sandy white sands, blue waves and palm trees to rest and relax under. Mmmmm ….

But the best thing about Simon Baker is truly his smile . Oh, yeah.

On another note, I could never understand why my brother insists that Shenae Grimes from 90210 is “extraordinarily pretty.” To me, she is plain—attractive, but common girl-next-door American Girl. So my brother and I, we get into petty arguments on whether Shenae Grimes is pretty or not pretty, and of course, the correct pronunciation of her name. Shenae? Any takers? It makes no sense to me why papparazzi follows her around. I prefer the black haired beauty, Jessica Lowndes—which my two brothers insist are
ugly.” For the record, I still roll my eyes everytime they sit in front of the television screen, waiting for a glimpse of Shenae Grimes. Do they care about the drama? No, they don’t. They just want Shenae Grimes. irritated rolling of eyes However, I do admit; for myself to constantly look at Shenae Grimes and wonder, “Is she really pretty?”, makes her just a little bit prettier the more episodes 90210 I choose to watch. This is not fun. I hate being wrong. I especially hate admitting the changing of mind, when I have so protested otherwise. Damn damn damn.

Anyways, back to Simon Baker. The way my brothers feel about Shenae Grimes, well, that’s how I feel about Shenae Grimes. I mean, Simon Baker. Shoot! That was a real typo. Even my subconscious is now secretly girl-crushing Shenae Grimes. Ugh.

Is The Mentalist groundbreakingly awesome? Heh, not so much.

Is it cleverly done? Well yeah, but is that why I watch the show?


I watch the show so I could be reminded of beautiful Bali beaches everytime Simon Baker winks those eyes and swoosh-es his locks.

I think I feel like some non-alcoholic pina colada.

Dear creators of The Mentalist, please oh please, let Jane and Lisbon get together someday. Now that Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are the happy couple, I have nobody else to root for. I’m getting bored of the Upper East Side—things are too happy over there, don’t you think?

This is a public service announcement to make you aware of an awesome new TV show, The Mentalist. I hate being the only fan of an underrated TV show—there’s no one to go ga-ga with.


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