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Let Them Be Little

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Little feet, little toes
Little smiles all a glow
Little pit, little pat
There’s a footprint on my hat
Little hopes little dreams
Can I have more ice cream
Purple Barney, yellow bird
Fire trucks and sirens heard
Spilled juice, torn jeans,
Do I have to eat those beans
The bus is here, it’s off to school
Time to learn the golden rule
Elementary, junior high
Oh how quick the years fly by
First prom, first date
Home by ten don’t be late
Part time job after school
Weekend plans with my girl
Friends are waiting, can I please
Take the car, I need the keys
Wont be long and they’ll be grown
Out the door an on their own 

Little feet little toes
In little time they
Grow and grow
Enjoy the little
Time you have
With little feet
And little hands …
Let them be little


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