Lindsay Lohan Misses Her 'Canyons' Premiere and Has a Secret Boyfriend!

She supposedly skipped out on her premiere for good reason; we're still rooting for her!

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, 27, was reportedly MIA from the premiere of her new flick, Canyons, but the film's director assured those in attendance that it was all for a good reason.

"She's decided not to be here because she's worried [about] coming out of rehab, hanging out in L.A. for the weekend," said director Paul Schrader.

Considering we're all rooting for a Lilo comeback, we can't say we disagree with her logic. People recently out of rehab are often advised to stay away from anything that triggers their addiction, whether it's old friends, or a city known for its parties.

Schrader also elaborated on Lindsay's struggle with addiction, highlighting her five-year downward spiral with the prescription drug Adderall and her dependence on vodka.

The film's producer, Braxton Pope, visited Lindsay while she was in treatment at the Betty Ford Center and expressed high hopes for Lindsay's recovery.

"We talk all the time and I think she's doing quite well," said Pope. "She's very serious about her career and future work."

In less inspiring Lindsay news, one of the patients at Cliffside (the rehab Lindsay transferred to after the Betty Ford Center), said that Lindsay struck up a relationship with his roommate during her stay.

Apparently, things got so hot and heavy between Lindsay and the mystery man that he had to be kicked out of rehab! The source suggests that Lindsay and her rehab boyfriend may still be talking daily.

We're all about Lindsay finding love and happiness, but a relationship with a fellow addict doesn't seem like the best idea.

We want our readers to weigh in: Are you rooting for Lilo to make a full recovery, or have you give up by now?


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