A Little About Me

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I’m a grandmother of five who writes sonnets about cats. My book Cat-House Sonnets, 100 Poems Celebrating cats, received the Muse Medallion from Cat Writers Association and Best Poet from Preditors & Editors. Cat lovers around the world have enjoyed it.

I live in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains on a dirt road. It’s quite a change from the New York suburbs where I was born and raised and brought up my children. I love these woods and the isolation but especially the fact that I am only half an hour from two of my grandchildren, the girls, ages ten and seven. The three boys, ages almost one, seven and four, live in Connecticut.

Four cats live with me. They are the calicoes, Josie and Paisley; Arthur, the Turkish Angora; and Peaches, the beige tabby. All are rescues; all have issues, except Josie; and all are loved to pieces and respected for their unique personalities. Paisley was found in a dumpster where some idiot threw her. She was trying to nurse two smaller kittens who were not related to her. She was too young to do this, but she tried. Peaches was abandoned at a vet’s office and kept in a cage for seven months. Josie came from the local shelter. Arthur was in a family of too many cats where the other cats didn’t allow him to eat.

I hope to publish some of my sonnets here. There will be cat sonnets and other sonnets, too. I hope you all enjoy them.


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