Looking for Affordable Family Vacations?

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WashingtonDC tours are among the many economical favorites.

You want to go on a summer vacation with the family. But you check your bank account and the money just isn’t there! Yes, times are tough. But there are still many adventure tours you can take with your family that are really worth doing—and Washington, D.C. tours are among the best.

For example, did you know that if you live in or around Boston, you can take a three day excursion to see Independence Hall, the Old Capitol Building and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, move on to Washington DC to visit Capital Hill, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veteran and Korean War Memorials, Lafayette Park, and the Smithsonian. Then travel to New York to tour the EmpireStateBuilding and Statue of Liberty, check out Wall Street, Chinatown, the United Nations, Times Square, and take a cruise of the New York harbor.

You can see some of the most exciting and historically significant sights in the U.S., take loads of great photos, and give your kids a real thrill.

And you can do it for less than a week’s paycheck. Hotels included.

There are similar WashingtonDC tours departing from New York, Boston, and just about everywhere else in the country. You can also take Niagara Falls tours that include going to WashingtonDC to check the highlights, or even take travel tours of all the hot spots along the East Coast.

Family summer fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money—there are travel tours available to fit every budget, and you and your kids will have something to remember forever.


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