Loss Time

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Your unwavering stance
Occupied a barren region,
Lingering there like a withering flower
Before you ultimately departed;
I suffered beforehand –
Missing our laughs, and talks,
And trips to new places -
I endured your scarcity,
I mourn we loss the time
To conquer our declining bonds
Previous to your leaving, and you
Finding a new dwelling place,
Somewhere I cannot visit – presently;
The ever unfathomable crevice
Between us -
Befalls a mystery to me,
I meditate upon the why.
What threw us into that chasm?
Our not holding each other dear,
Dropping us into that never ending abyss -
I assumed it would pass with the rain,
Then we would have another day,
Another laugh, another talk, one more hug.
It never came to pass -
With great sadness –
Tears grasp around my throat, my mind, my heart.
I shake my head and I say, “Not”.
It is a battle I fight each night,
How I wish it naught!!
My peace I fight to keep;
And yet, I cry every night.


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